Fun and Carefree Nights Out

Let’s face it, everyday life is stressful. Your “down time” doesn’t have to be. Who wants to worry about traffic, parking or having that extra drink when celebrating a special occasion or trying to unwind after a stressful week? Hiring your own personal driver is an easy and affordable way to ensure your experience is the very best. Our drivers will pick you up on time, take you where you want to go, and be out front waiting for you when you are ready to be driven safely home. Imagine how much more relaxing and enjoyable your night out will be with our VIP service every step of the way. No hassles, no worries and no risk of a DUI.

seniorsAffordable Senior Transportation

Losing your ability to drive should not mean losing your independence. Our safe, courteous, and certified drivers will happily provide you with door through door assistance while accompanying you on errands, appointments, shopping, social or out-of-town visits. As a “Ride to Provide” company, we have many options available to meet the unique challenges our older adult members may face.

Give the gift of service. Seniors can be hard to buy for. Many of them already have everything they need, except transportation. Why not consider purchasing 4, 6, or more personal driver hours that your loved one can use whenever and wherever they need to go?


Airport Transportation

Forget airport parking, taking a taxi or inconveniencing a family member or a friend. Lets face it, you don’t want to park your car at the airport because it costs a fortune. Its the same with a taxi or a shuttle. For a fraction of the price, your driver will drive you in your car and return your vehicle safely to your home or office. Even better, they will pick you up in your car when you return a week later, with the same curb side baggage handling and courtesy as when they dropped you off.


Out of Town Visits

Experience the local and surrounding areas without getting lost on unfamiliar roads while juggling a map. Our professional drivers are at home on the roads, and are the perfect resource for tourists or business people who are new to the area. Besides getting you to your destination efficiently and easily, if you’re not sure where to go next, your driver will be happy to offer you suggestions for fun tourist attractions, great local restaurants, and trendy nightlife locations.



Whether making it to a routine doctor’s appointment or getting a medical procedure done, our highly trained and certified drivers will drive you in your car at less than half the price of a taxi. We will even run errands (top up the gas, get an oil change, or even pick up some of your favorite cookies) while we wait for you. Medical procedures and appointments are our specialty, and you will always receive the highest level of care from our drivers and the rest of our staff to make you as comfortable as possible.


You Name It

Whatever your transportation needs, we can work with you to find driving services that are just right for you. Personal Premier Drivers is highly experienced in accommodating special driving requests, including dropping off or picking up children from school, transporting business people in style to corporate events, providing executive driving services for increased productivity, and even dispatching highly trained shuttle bus drivers to organizations when their own drivers are sick or on vacation. Regardless of your requirements, we can provide the highest quality drivers for all your needs.